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CanadaAdultFun Bucketlist Guy Feb 20
I went to see Mistress Julia and was very impressed with her abilities as a dom
good looking and very dominant ,she takes control right away but respects all your limits

it was a great session and I would repeat again
Bucket list guy

Calgary CAF Review ( Aug 8/2016 )

This is long overdue as i have been out of town for a few wweeks . I am a long time lurker, and this will be my first review. I had been toying with the idea of seeing a Dom for a long time, but I my specific fantasy lied somewhere along the blurry line between domination and FS….and when I came across Mistress Julia’s ad on BP. …I felt that I had found the SP I had been looking for.
As her website suggested I sent her an email that outlined all of my kinks and fetishes in great detail. She was extremely prompt and friendly in her reply and after calling her and booking a time I felt extremely comfortable and excited.
When I arrived at the door I was greeted by an extremely attractive red head wearing the sexiest outfit I have ever laid eyes on. I was immediately ordered to my knees and then the fun began! I will not be sharing the details. …but mistress Julia worked incredibly hard to ensure that every aspect of my fantasy was fulfilled. And it was. This is far and above the most amazing in encounter I have had with any SP. Ever.
The effort that mistress Julia put in to this encounter was unparalleled in every way. I will repeat in a blink! Hit on every mark!

Young Spark Nov 24 2016 on Canada Adult Fun

Saw her a few weeks ago at her in all in the NW. Had so much fun I’ve already booked for her return this weekend! Mistress Julia is hands down incredible. Generous use of restraints, bondage, toys, and “forced” sex have sold me on her experience.

Got to her incall, and after a brief 5 minute wait I was greeted at the door by a fiery redhead. After a quick trip to the bathroom to wash my hands, I was led downstairs to her dungeon. At the time she had a mattress setup on the floor, as her place wasn’t fully setup or unpacked yet (she travels between here and BC). A quick strip and I’m quickly placed in restraints and ordered around. A few highlights: chin strap on dildo that she rode on my face, spanking, restrained standing up against the wall while she bounced against me doggy style, cuffed to the bed while she rode me, missionary while collared, DATY/DATO on her.

Overall, a fantastic experience, and I look forward to next time. The weekend can’t come fast enough!


Sillyboysface Jan 19, 2017 CAF

Mistress Julia *SWOON*

Had the opportunity to have a session with Mistress Julia earlier this week.

It was a truly amazing experience. She is cute, sensual, extremely sexy and lots and lots of fun.

She took all my interests and desires and crafted a unique experience just for me. Greeting me at the door was a clean, beautiful sexy red headed goddess dressed to drive me crazy. A quick wash of the hands and we were off to the playroom.

I left with a sense of euphoria that is only just now starting to dissipate.

I was not looking for the more severe BDSM/Authoritarian experience so I cannot speak to that. But from a stern mistress perspective it was amazing.

I recommend you hit her site and you’ll get a sense of all she offers. It’s very sensual and she offers everything you might desire.

Look forward to seeing her many times in the future.


Baggar Vance Feb 3, 2017

Still Shakin all over from Mistress Julia

At long last… the stars aligned and it happened.
We’d originally agreed to meet, but I had to cancel due to that freakin’ cold that has been going around YYC, and it lasts FOREVER. I was contagious, and it wouldn’t have been fair to either of us if I had persevered with our assignation.
Mistress Julia (MJ) was very understanding and considerate when I had to postpone, I really appreciated her understanding and class in handling my unfortunate situation.
So, it was with much anticipation that I eventually rolled up to her place and phoned to confirm that I was there.
The door was opened by an exquisitely gorgeous lady (that her website accurately depicts), and our session proceeded from there.
I followed her booking instructions to a “T”, and, I must say, I was definitely rewarded.
Mistress Julia obviously spent a fair amount of time preparing for our session, and with her creativity and personality, MJ exceeded my expectations.
For those of you that are wondering, I would certainly NOT be described as a hard core submissive, and in fact, by most standards would most likely be described as a “light newbie” or, inexperienced geek at best.
Having said that, I really enjoyed our time together and MJ ensured that all of my “buttons” were pressed, but she also expanded my limits in a very safe and sensual manner.
Some of the techniques MJ used on me in our session are still manifesting themselves on my nipples, butt and cock three days later… that’s how good she is.
I’m looking forward to seeing her again, in the very near future….
That is, if she’ll consent to seeing me again.





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